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Sunstone Business School Noida PGDM Admission 2013

PGDM Program Admission 2014

The basis of Sunstone PGPM is learning experientially, similar to the way we learn at work

There are two ways in which we make this happen-firstly, by following a problem based learning pedagogy and secondly, by following a strong peer collaboration approach to learning

Every module is divided into multiple courses with specific learning objectives

A course comprises of a core business problem, assignments, reference study material, online class discussions and web based tutorials

The Program is divided into 4 Modules

The program is spread across several courses with specific focus areas

Overall the program would have about 120 hours of physical contact and another 100 hours of live discussions with faculty and peers, ongoing on a weekly basis

Eligibility Criteria

Track record of high performance in academia and in work

Minimum of 4 years of work experience after graduation in technology and related areas

Innate curiosity to learn about business and ability to apply themselves to complex problems

Serious intent towards the rigor of the program, ability to multi-task and put efforts for the program on a consistent basis for 12 months

Admission Process:

Step 1: Go through the website and download brochure to understand the applicability of the program for you

You can also speak with admissions counselling team after filling request for counselling form

Step 2: Fill the application form available here, to schedule your interview for admission

Step 3: Receive a business case from admissions to prepare before coming for interview

Step 4: Interaction with the interview panel

Step 5: Receive the invitation to join the program

Step 6: Fill in the registration form and deposit fees

Program Fee: Fee for the program, is Rs 2.60 Lacs payable in four installments

Following is the fee schedule: Rs 35,000 at the time of registration

Rs.75,000 in 3 installments based on number of credits earned approximately in Month 3, Month 6, and Month 9 of the program

3 Installments are based on the completed credits by each student

We are now admitting for our Class of fall 2014

Please feel free to get in touch with our counselling team after filling request for counselling form

Deadline for applying for next batch is 30th October, 2013

Important Dates:

Last date for submission of application forms: 30th October, 2013 (Wednesday)

For further clarifications contact [email protected] or visit website


Sunstone Business School Delhi NCR (Noida)

113A, IHDP Business Park, Plot 7, Sector 127, Noida Expressway, Noida, Utter Pradesh-201301

Tel: +91-9717898231, Email: [email protected]



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