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Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati Admission 2016 for Traditional Courses

Admission Notice for Traditional Courses Sastri (BA), Acharya (MA), Visishtacharya (M.Phil) & Vidyavaridhi (PhD) 2016

Sri Venkateswara University (SVU), Tirupati invites applications for admission into Traditional Courses Sastri (B.A.), Acharya (M.A), Visishtacharya (M.Phil) and Vidyavaridhi (PhD) for the year 2016-17.

Courses Details

Sastri (B.A.)

Kramanta in (1) Rigveda (2) Krishnayajurveda (3) Suklayajurveda (Kanva/Madhyandina) (4) Atharvaveda (Shounaka) and (5) Rahasyanta in Samaveda (Kouthuma/Jaiminiya/Ranayaniya) Pratishthanta in (6) Vaikhanasagama, (7) Pancharatragama and (8) Saivagama Sodasa Samskaranta in pourohityas (9) Aswalayana (10) Apastamba (11) Vaikhanasa (Astadasa Samskarantha) (12) Paraskara and Vidyaranyabhashya in (13) Rigveda (14) Krishnayajurveda (15) Suklayajurveda (Kanva/Madhyandina) (16) Samaveda and (17) Atharvaveda

Eligibility: Successful Adhyayana of Moola (Samhita + Brahmana) portion of respective Veda

Achayra (M.A.)

Ghananta in (1) Rigveda (2) Krishnayajurveda (3) Suklayajurveda (Kanva/Madhyandina) (4 ) Lakshananta in Samaveda (Kouthuma/Jaiminiya/Ranayaniya) (5) Lakshananta in Atharvaveda, Agama in (6)Vaikhanasa (7)Pancharatra and (8) Saiva, Pourohitya in (9) Aswalayana (10) Apastamba (11) Paraskara, (12) Vaikhanasa, Vidyaranyabhashya in (13) Rigveda (14) Krishnayajurveda (15) Suklayajurveda (Kanva/Madhyandina) (16) Samaveda and (17) Atharvaveda, Kalpa, Mimamsa

Visishtacharya (M.Phil)

M.Phil in Veda, Vedabhashya, Pourohitya, Agama and Mimamsa

Eligibility: Acharya/M.A./equivalent qualification with 55% of marks in the concerned subject from a recognized University with minimum age 22 years

Vidyavaridhi (PhD)

Eligibility: Pass in P.G. course with 55% from a recognized University/Institution in any of the subjects offered by the Vedic University with minimum age 22 years

Admission Process: Admissions are based on the Entrance Test and knowledge of Sanskrit is essential for all courses

How to Apply

The application form and prospectus can be obtained in person, free of cost from the undersigned or can be downloaded from the University website

Facilities/Incentives: In addition to free accommodation, boarding and clothing substantial cash incentives will be given to each student admitted for traditional Course other than M.Phil for further details, please refer to the prospectus

Important Dates

Last Date for Receipt of the filled-in Application Sastri & Acharya Courses: 01st June 2016

Last, Date for Visistacharya (M.Phil) and Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D) Courses: 15th June 2016

Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati

Directorate of Admissions (Established through State Act 29 of 2006, Sponsored by the T.T.D., and Recognized by the U.G.C), Alipiri-Chandragiri Bypass Road, Tirupati-517502, Tel.: 0877-2248589, Website,
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