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NUEPA notifies International Diploma Course Admission 2015

Announcement International Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration (IDEPA) 2015

National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), New Delhi has invited applications for admission to International Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration (IDEPA) of Session 2015

NUEPA offers a widely acclaimed International Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration (IDEPA) for the senior educational policy makers, planners and administrators annually to the international participants

IDEPA was started in the year 1985 as a sequel to the recommendations of the sub-regional meeting for Asian Countries organised by the Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO in 1983

The National University has successfully completed as many as thirty such IDEPA programmes, one in each successive year

Over the years, participate in terms of number of countries and participants has increased considerably

Aims: IDPEA endeavours to promote the spirit of regional cooperation, international understanding and goodwill through exchange of experiences on subject matter and issues important to the development of human resources

Objectives: The International Diploma Programme has gained its uniqueness over the years by continual updating of its objectives and course structures in order to keep pace with the changing scenario

The Programme in general strives to understand educational developments in the developing countries with particular reference to the policy, planning and management – especially on quality and equity issues relating to school, vocational and higher education


i) Educational personnel engaged in the planning and administration of elementary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of education at the national, provincial, district, or institutional level, and also at the systems level (Ministry, Higher Education Directorate)

ii) Heads of educational institutions (school, college), regional and district education departments, functionaries working in the university system and teacher-training colleges who are likely to assume higher responsibilities in educational planning and administration

Programme Design

First Phase (2nd February – 30th April 2015 at NUEPA): The first Phase of the programme involves three months intensive curricular work at NUEPA, New Delhi; this Phase is residential and participants are required to stay in the campus throughout this phase

Second Phase (01st May – 31st July 2015 in Home Country): The second phase entails a Field Research Project Work in the participant’s home country, through his /her own efforts (guidance for which will be provided during the first phase and will continue during this phase also)


NUEPA charges a total of US $ 10,000/- per participant except for participants nominated under Govt. of India schemes

The amount will be expended as per NUEPA rules in the following pattern:

Programme Support: US $ 2,000

Programme Expense: US $ 2,000

Course Fee: US $ 1,500

Educational Field Visits: US $ 2,000 (Air Fare, accommodation, local transport etc)

Boarding and Lodging for the First Phase: US $ 2,500 (Hostel rent, meals/breakfast etc)

Total: US $ 10,000

The programme is residential during the first phase; during the programme, spouse/children are not allowed to stay with the participant

Enrolment Procedure

The total number of seats available is about 35. Seats are allotted on specified selection criteria

The nominations should reach NUEPA as possible, but not later than 10th December 2014, clearly indicating the name of the funding agency

Application format can be downloaded from the website

Application of the participant in the prescribed form must be routed through the respective national government

All official applications will be reviewed from the academic perspective by NUEPA; eligible participants will be enrolled subject to the clearance from the Govt of India

Application of the participant giving full details, including educational administrative experience, educational qualification, source of funding etc. routed through the respective national government and the Indian Embassy in the country should be sent to Registrar, National University of Educational Planning and Administration, 17-B, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi -110016

Last date for issue submission of filled in application: 10th November 2014

National University of Educational Planning & Administration

(Dept. of Training & Capacity Building in Education), 17-B, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016 India, Phones: (+91-11) 2654487, 26544863, Email: [email protected], Website,