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JNKVV Jabalpur Announces CAFT Training Programme 2014

Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya (JNKVV), Jabalpur, announces CAFT Training Programme 2014.

National Training on Management of Soil Health: Challenges and Opportunities (29th Sept to 19th Oct 2014

Soil health is the capacity of soil to function as a vital living system, within ecosystem and land-use boundaries, to sustain plant and animal productivity, maintain or enhance water and environmental quality and promote plant and animal health

Soil health is critically important to sustain the agricultural productivity and environmental safety

Healthy soil provide a range of environmental service including water infiltration, habitat provision and profitable and sustainable agriculture

A healthy soil is supposed to have the following major characteristics:

i) Optimal supply of nutrients and water

ii) Good soil structure

iii) Least populations of soil born pests (pathogens, insects, weeks)

iv) Sufficient depth of rooting and drainage

v) Higher population and activity of beneficial macro and micro-organisms

vi) Free from chemicals toxicity

vii) Protected from degradation

Duration: 21 days from 29th September to 19th October 2014


Assistant Professors/Scientists and Associate Professors/Sr. Scientists of SAUs, ICAR Institutes and other Agricultural Institutes with Masters Degree in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry/Agronomy / Horticultural / Environmental Sciences are eligible to apply for the national training programme


Application for participation in the national training programme may be made in the prescribed format given herewith

Directors of ICAR Institutes, Vice Chancellors of Agricultural Universities, Heads of University Departments and Principals of affiliated colleges can nominate one or two participants

Application may be sent as an advance copy directly by post or email, if any delay is anticipated in forwarding the application through proper channel

However, final selection will be subjected to receipt of the application duly recommended by the competent authority

Last date of receipt of application is 30th August 2014

The selected candidates will be informed individually by e-mail (preferably) /Fax/Speed post latest by 08th Sept 2014

After getting the information of the selection, the selected candidates are required to confirm their participation lasted by 15th Sept 2014, otherwise wait listed candidates will be taken into consideration

The wait listed participants, if selected, will be intimated on or before 18th Sept 2014 by email (preferably)/fax/speed post

Organized by: Centre of Advanced Faculty Training, Dept of Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry, Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Krishi Nagar, Jabalbpur-482004 (MP), Sponsored by: Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) New Delhi 110012, Tel: 0761-2681119, Email: [email protected], Website