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Certificate Course in Gandhian Thought

Certificate Course in Gandhian Thought

University of Kerala has come out with the notification of Certificate Course in Gandhian Thought course that contains theoretical classes, practical training and 5 seminars.

Syllabus of Theoretical Classes:

The theory classes are aiming to give proper understanding about life and Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi with a contemporary interpretation.

There are ten topics have been identified for the course syllabus.

There will be planned two hours lecture class and an interaction with the students for each class.

The topics for theory classes:

Truth as a way of life; Sathyagraha and its relevance; Non‐Violence and conflict resolution; Sustainable development and ecology; Education a man making process; Vision of Religion and its right way; Health and natural living; Prohibition and Prosperous society; Politics with a positive view; Sarvodaya and its relevance

Practical Training:

In addition to a survey of the fundamental aspects of Gandhian Philosophy, the participants will receive practical training in nonviolent techniques of conflict resolution. This is intended to provide an orientation to the trainees in what they have acquired through their theoretical classes.

Five full day seminars:

In addition to the theoretical and practical components, a third dimension is given to the programme for the purpose of giving a chance to the students to understand the problems and issues of the contemporary world. It also enables them to analyze these issues from their own level.

For this purpose the students are requested to participate in at least five seminars and debate sessions of one‐day duration each.


This 6 month certificate course is a non‐formal education scheme. In the final phase of the course a written examination of two hour duration will be conducted to the participants.


The certificate will be issued for the students who are successfully completing the course.


+2 is the basic qualification for attending the course. No age bar for this course.


Course fee Rs.1000/‐

Filled applications should be send to “The Co‐ordinator, Centre for Gandhian Studies, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram – 34”.

Important dates:

Last date: 10th Dec 2013

Classes will start in the second week of January 2014

Contact Details:

Centre for Gandhian Studies,

University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram – 34,

Phone – 0471 – 2305663, Website:


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